Fatal Accidents Act – Value of Life

In this blog by the fatal accident solicitors we come to mention the unjust award of compensation in England & Wales when a person loses his or her life following a fatal accident.

Most fatal injury claim arise due to motor accidents for fatal injury at work claims.

In some detail we have discussed the inadequacies of the Fatal Accident Act 1976 to compensation close family members who lose a loved on following an untimely death to the negligence of another or due to an act of violence.

Value of Life?

The value of life ranges from what most members of the public consider a human being is worth, that is ‘priceless’ and from the law’s point of view ‘value-less.’

The compensation for a loss of life in a fatal accident if death occurs instantly is £NOTHING.  However if the victim suffers some pain then some compensation is payable.  The amounts are once again derisory and unfair.

Thus in when considering fatal accident claims on decided cases in the past, the following compensation is awarded where:

If the victim is fully aware of pending death, suffers severe burns and lung damage, fluctuating levels of consciousness between 4-5 weeks, the compensation to the victims estate is worth in the region of £14,000 to £18,000.

The price of an average SUV motor vehicle.

Its not enough but that is what we are faced with at the moment as the law currently stands.  However there are many other aspects to making additional compensation payments for dependents of the deceased and a bereavement award.

Posted: October 13, 2016 at 5:33 pm