Fatal Accidents At Work – The Jobs to Avoid!

According to the Health and Safety Executive the construction industry is the profession that suffers the most fatal accidents at work.  Below is the list of the top 5 jobs to avoid if, statistically you want to keep alive!

1. Construction Workers

The most common type of accident on site are usually falls from height.  There  were 39 deaths in 2012-2013.  There are specific regulations that govern falls from height and for to read more please visit our specialist website that deals with work accidents and fall from heights.

2. Bin Men/Refuse Collectors

Waste management which includes “bin collectors” disposal technicians etc still carries with is a dangerous element.  Between 2012 – 2013 10 employees in this industry tragically lost their lives.

3. Garage Employees

Motor Mechanics and car sales personnel are part of this collective data. Garage employees under this survey revealed that 8 employees in this sector lost their lives

4. Real Estate agents

According to HSE 4 estate agents deaths were recording during the course of their employment in the statistical years the HSE revealed their figures in 2012-2013.  In addition further 70 were seriously injured employees.

Exclusion of Data

It is important to consider when the HSE complied these figures that they excluded workers who will killed in fatal road traffic accidents that occurred on the road travelling to and from work.

Need Advice on a Fatal Work Accident Claim?

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Posted: March 5, 2016 at 5:19 pm