Fatal Accidents At Work – Silo

In this tragic case at a farm, a young farmer lost his life whilst attempting to clean out a silo at a farm where he worked.

He became buried in tonnes of grain which acted like quicksand.  He later died.

The Heath and Safety Executive investigated the fatal accident at work claim and prosecuted the farm owner for the sad loss of the employee farmer.

The practice of entering the silo had been used for many years but it was just fate that nobody had lost their life as a result of the breaches of health and safety laws.

Regrettably fatal accidents on the farm are not that uncommon and may are easily preventable.

Fatal Accidents At Work Claims

Anyone seeking help and guidance on making a fatal accident at work claim should seek advice from specialist solicitors who will help and support you and your family through this most difficult time.

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Posted: March 26, 2017 at 8:42 pm