Fatal aircraft accident

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A fatal aircraft accident in Essex caused the death of two experienced British Airways pilots.

One of the pilots was 29 years of age and was a father to one child and was also a husband.

The other pilot was described as “a highly respected and popular member of his pilot team.”

The crash occurred by Chelmsford when the YAK 52 they were flying got into difficulties. One witness described it as a “backward somersault” and another said the cockpit had “bent underneath the plane”.

A chef from a pub was outside on his brake when he saw the fatal accident crash. He said it looked like “aerobatics” at first and then he could tell something was wrong, the plane started to nose dive.

He called the emergency services and ran over to the scene of the accident to see the plane on fire. The plane has been taken away for investigations.

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Posted: May 30, 2014 at 8:16 am