Fatal Bus Accident Kills 8 Teenagers

Bus crash which ploughed into a large object due to faulty brakes tumbled over causing death to 8 teenagers.

The mini-bus who was travelling at average speed veered out of the way of an “exit” sign which seemed to of been knocked into the middle of the road which caused the bus to hit a bollard causing them the airbags to deploy and the bus to topple over onto its side.

Families of the 8 teenagers who was involved in this fatality explain their emotions to of lost their teenage daughters after a night out in a local village for one of the 8 teenagers 18th birthday.

It was later on considered when the Inquest Hearing took place that the driver of the mini bus was intoxicated with alcohol and had been driving for over 14 hours which is not suitable for someone to be driving that long without any rest/sleep causing him to lose concentration.

The families of the eight teenagers who was tragically killed in this fatality, submitted a Fatal Car Accident Claims and was rewarded £11,000 when instructing a fatal accident solicitors.

Posted: March 31, 2015 at 1:25 pm