Fatal Car Accident Claimed the Life of a Teenager

Fatal Car Accident Claimed the Life of a Teenager

18-year-old front seat passenger killed in fatal car accident which injured her boyfriend and has left him hospitalised.

It is believed that the Renault Clio who was being driven by an 18-year-old teenager who is believed to be her boyfriend who has survived this fatal road crash.

The vehicle is believed to of left the road and collided with a tree head on resulting in a fatality.

A backseat passenger is to of believed of escaped with only minor injuries.

The 18-year-old deceased was picked up by her boyfriend from work where she had been working at night.  They were thought to have been heading towards town.

It has been confirmed that no other vehicle was involved in the fatal road crash which left the road shut for eight hours following investigations by the police and ambulance services.


Who can claim if my family member has been involved in a fatal car accident?

As fatal accident claim solicitors, we are faced with searching questions by the family of the deceased about who has authority to instruct a solicitor to pursue the investigations and claim against the person(s) at fault.

However, not everyone connected to the deceased can claim compensation. The law limits the type of people who can claim.

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Therefore the persons who can claim on behalf of the deceased are those close family members who were in some way “dependant” upon the deceased before and at the time of death which include:

  • Widow/Widower/Legal Partner
  • Deceased’s infant children
  • Parent of the deceased
  • Any person who was living with the deceased as a husband or wife immediately before the accident and was doing so for at least two years prior to the fatal accident claim.

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Posted: September 12, 2015 at 1:30 pm