Fatal Car Accident Claims – Kills two teenage friends

Fatal Car Accident Claims – Kills two teenage friends

The fatal car accident occurred shortly before one of the teenagers was to celebrate his 18th Birthday.  Shortly before the time of their untimely deaths they were planning how to celebrate one of the teenager’s 18th birthday party.

A spokesman is reported in the Daily Mirror to have said:


“They went to the local school and had everything to live for. I understand one lad is from Rostrevor and there are two grieving communities at the moment.

“We have had six deaths in our district area in the past four weeks and it’s just horrendous. They were all young people and those families have had that knock on the door.”

The car was said to be driving at mid-night when it collided with a wall of a bungalow and close by caused a oil tanker to catch fire.

Another passenger in the vehicle survived but is fighting for his life.  Police are appealing for witnesses.


Fatal Car Accident Claims & Solicitor Advice

Currently there is nothing we can do about such tragic and heart breaking events that occur on our roads.  Bereaved families are left to pick up the pieces.  As fatal car accident claim solicitors we will help you uncover the truth, speaking and liaising with the police and the Coroner.  If need by, to obtain expert evidence to establish the cause of the death and ultimately the truth.  Thereafter this is the issue of compensation.  Yes no about of compensation will ever be enough but that is the only thing that society has to offer the bereaved families following such tragic circumstances.  Even here the amount of a bereavement in our respectful view is truly pitiful, currently called a bereavement award.  For more information on how much “life is worth” please click here bereavement award.

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Posted: September 22, 2015 at 6:33 pm