Fatal construction site accident claim

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Construction on the stadium in São Paulo where Brazil may hold the next opening game World Cup is under question as at least two workers were fatally killed when a crane collapsed on the stadium.

It is being questioned whether the country can finish the over the top arenas that have been doubted by costs and delays. The fatal work accident site is yet another set back. The Arena Corinthians stadium was intended to seat 70,000 people in when finished by June 2014 for the World Cup.

A crane smashed in to one side of the stadium causing a tear in the structure. Witness said the death toll could have been higher if most of the workers where not at lunch. Emergency services sectioned off around one third of the site. It was been thought that the workers are in a rush to finish the buildings they are not following health and safety regulations.

The two fatal accident have been caused working on two different stadiums in Rio and Manaus. An investigation is being carried out into the working conditions and the cause of the fatal accidents. This also may cause another delay.

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Posted: May 24, 2014 at 8:41 am