Fatal Road Accidents – A49 Worst Road In UK

It has been reported in 2016 that the A49, which runs from Whitchurch to Ludlow, was named the county’s deadliest road after figures show a third of fatal accidents had happened on the trunk road over a three-year period.

In 20015 it was reported that 2 road deaths on the same stretch between Hadnall and Preston Brockhurst within 2 months.

Many witnesses refer to many driver’s being “idiots” on the road, often speeding or racing ignoring the speed limit and road signs generally.

Ambulance Driver Seriously Injured – Fatal Road Accident

An ambulance driver with a patient on board was tragically involved in a fatal road accident when vehicle overtaking in the opposite direction, came into the on-coming path of the Ambulance.

The Ambulance driver could not avoid the head-on collision.  whilst the driver of the Ambulance survived the driver sustained multiple injuries.  The patient in the Ambulance did not sustain any injury.

Unfortunately the driver in the on-coming vehicle sustained fatal injuries and did not survive the fatal road collision.

Compensation for Road Traffic Accident Deaths

As specialist fatal road accident solicitors we are best placed to advise families who have lost a loved one.  Expert advice will help bereaved families get to the truth of what has happened and advise on all aspects on the law and paper-work that needs completing.  Finally the matter of compensation will be addressed to stop the family left behind financially suffering from the tragic loss.

Posted: March 9, 2016 at 5:35 pm