Fatal Road Injury – Reported on Facebook

It is reported in The Mirror and described as a “horror crash” that a 18 year old teenager, female, had drove through a stop sign before colliding with another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

The car crash resulted on personal tragedy to the two other occupants in the car where they were regrettably and tragically killed in the fatal collision.

The Mirror describes that the female teenager that alleged caused the fatal road injury had said on the social medial platform, ‘Facebook’ the following:

A teenager boasted that she was “all over the news” after killing two people in ahorror car smash.

The female teenager was driving the car with two friends before the fatal road injury.  She was treated with her two friends for minor injuries and was taken to hospital.

Fatal Road Injury Compensation Claims

Death on the road due careless or dangerous driving is, with regret, a regular occurrence on UK roads.  The devastation left behind to the loved ones of the deceased is simply unbearable.  The sudden loss and unexpected death just highlights the grief that the families left behind have to cope with.

Following the fatal road injury, there is the inquest, the investigations into the cause of the accident where the fatal road accident has to be put in evidence to the court, re-lived by the family.  There is also the legal work that needs to be done simply to undertake the paper-work and the claim and cross claims that will no doubt have to be made with the offender’s insurance company to claim the fatal road injury compensation.

As fatal road injury compensation solicitors we understand the needs and demands of the bereaved families, we have over 27 years of experience dealing with such tragic car accidents.  Just one call to us and we will begin to sort out everything that is required to commence the fatal road injury claim, investigating the truth, the paper-work and the claim for compensation for the fatal road injury claim.

Posted: April 11, 2016 at 1:04 pm