Fatal speedboat accident killed father and daugther

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A wife has spoken of how her husband and daughter were killed in a fatal speedboat accident. The family of six were on holiday when they were thrown from a speedboat causing the fatal accident.

Neither the wife or husband was attached to the boats safety cord. The boat spiralled out of control at a high speed causing injury. The father and husband lost his life as well as their eight year old daughter.

The fatal accident also caused the wife to lose the lower part of her leg. Their children also suffered injuries: daughter 12 had a cut to her hand; daughter 10 had a bump to her head and daughter 4 serious leg injuries.

In an article it is described how the wife pulled one of her daughters to safety when she heard another daughter scream “Daddy’s dead.” For more information please see link:


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Posted: February 7, 2015 at 9:31 am