Fatal accident tightrope stunt

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A male tightrope walker died while preforming a show with the world famous Flying Wallendas.

The fatal accident involved a show that was being watched by 6,000 spectators.

When he was about to finish his tightrope trick he got to the end of the rope, his son in law [was also in the show] climbed to the his support to give him a balancing pole to descend safely.

The son in law knew how imported this was as a few years before he had fallen himself leaving him in hospital. As the male on the tight rope reached out for the pole he grabbed a live cable that held the metal rig up to balance himself. The live cable gave him a shock which sent him flying to the ground. He landed on a police officer, he was treated by a off duty nurse though he died due to his fatal accident injuries.

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Posted: May 25, 2014 at 8:43 am