Fatal work accident killed one

Fatal work accident compensation claim

A 59 year old male has passed away from a fatal work accident.

He fell from a vehicle causing his death. The vehicle was used to transport timber.

The vehicle was found with the handbrake on a slope. It was fully loaded and weighted up to 25 tonnes. The death of the employee was from from head injuries due to being ran over by the heavy vehicle.

The owner of the company said the employee had a number of years’ experience though admitted there had been an issue with the fuel pump on the machine.

Two or three days prior to the fatal work accident the employee bought a replacement fuel pump and had the intention to fit it on the machine thought it was near done.

A few days after the fatal accident the owner went to the scene so the machine could be examined by the Health and Safety Executive investigation team.

It was revealed that the parking brake was not on. The vehicle was also in four wheel driver not eight wheel drive.

It should have not been the gear or the ratio on the hill.

Teh employee has left behind three children, one grandchild and a partner.

It is believed at the fatal accident at work was caused when the male turned the ignition key when he was stood on the track of the vehicle. This caused the vehicle to jolt forward, which caused him to fall under the vehicle. The male should have checked the parking brake was on before turning the key.

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Posted: November 23, 2014 at 12:57 pm