Father and 8 year old son killed when a 10 year old was driving

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A father giving his 10 year old son a driving lesson caused a fatal accident when the father and his 8 year old brother where killed. The family of four where on a fishing trip when the fatal accident occurred. The father grabbed the wheel when the boy was in distress but he could not prevent the fatal car accident.

The pickup truck left the road and fell into the Summer Falls Dam. The truck was then swept away in 30 feet of water.

A local fisherman helped the 10 year old and his 12 year old brother to safety. However their 8 year old brother was found down the stream and sadly could not be saved. Search parties have now gone out to find the father’s body as he is still missing. The 45 year old was a security guard and worked with special needs children.

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Posted: June 12, 2014 at 8:03 am