Fines for Ignoring Road Signs

The Government are getting tough on drivers who fail to obey motorway road signs.  In particular the ‘X’ red crosses that advise of lane closures in order to limit fatal injury claim and accidents on UK roads.

Reduce Fatal Injury Claims & Accidents

In a move by the Department of Transport it is said that automated cameras could be installed to record motor vehicles who have failed to obey the road signs when viewed from the overhead gantries.

£1000 Fines If You Ignore Motorway Road Signs

A stick rather than a carrot approach is being mooted with a fine of up to £1,000 for drivers for the most serious offences. By ignoring traffic lights drivers can be given a fine of a £100 and 3 penalty points.

Getting the message across to help reduce fatal injury claims and accidents are a sign point for smart motorways where the regulation of traffic is seen as the way forward.  To force or encourage more drivers to obey and be aware of the dangers to help motorway traffic flow and reduce the number of fatal injury claims and accidents are seen the way forward.

This is particularly noticeable in smart motorways when there is a possible danger flash point when during busy times, the signals will be offered to motorists to use the hard shoulder.  There are concerns that this may cause fatal injuries or accidents on the smart motorways where are being build to help manage traffic flow.

Will this Reduce Fatal Injury Claims and Accidents?

Only time will tell.  Certainly the idea is there and may create better flow of traffic but motorists will have to get use to the signs and obey them.  The signs however have to be meaningful and time-sensitive.

By time-sensitive, we at fatal accident solicitor by our own experience in using motorways (like millions of others) have come across may motorways signs that bear no relevance to the traffic conditions they are currently faced with.  By this there are suggested maximum speed limitations when it is clear there is no obstruction or road traffic accident preventing the national speed limit.  The sign of fog on the road when is have been clear for miles upon miles on the motorway.

So by upgrading the smart motorways to help traffic management and reduce fatal injury claims and accidents, the signs to motorists must be clear and time-sensitive.

Posted: October 4, 2016 at 12:30 pm