Free Inquest Solicitors & Support

As specialist fatal accident solicitors we can work for free win or lose so you have nothing to worry about. A lot of people are concerned about legal costs but these days solicitors can now work for free whatever the outcome of the case. Some solicitors do not so you should be careful who you obtain advice from.

You, your family and friends are already distressed by the loss of a loved one but if the deceased was the bread winner, the financial worries can be immense. Whether you can afford a specialist solicitor will be the furthest from your mind when instructing our fatal accident team here at Hutcheon Solicitors. We will represent you knowing that you will be fully protected and expertly represented throughout the case.

Free Inquest Help and Attendance

If the cause of death is due to a road accident, accident at work, by neglect or exposure to asbestos we can work for you free of charge including attending the Inquest if we feel there is a strong case. We can do this if the person at fault was to blame for the death of the deceased in whole or in part and has suitable insurance cover. If death was caused in a road traffic accident by an uninsured or untraced driver you can still claim under the Motor Insurance Bureau scheme.

How Can We Work For Free?

Our specialist fatal accident team at Hutcheon Solicitors will be paid by the other side in the event that the claim is won. In the unlikely event the claim is lost, a legal expense insurance policy will pay the legal costs of the other side which means you will have nothing to pay, win or lose.

At Hutcheon Solicitors we would urge you not to let the cost of appointing an expert fatal accident solicitor bar the way to claiming justice and the right to compensation.

How to Contact Us

At Hutcheon Solicitors we make it easy, you can fill on our online form, call us on free of charge on 0800 083 0626 or alternatively we operate a secure confidential live chat facility on this site that you are also able to use should you feel more comfortable.

You can also email us at

Posted: July 24, 2008 at 6:32 pm