Fatal Motor Accident Claim Guide

Information to families of the deceased – Fatal Car Accident.

By instructing the fatal car accident claims solicitors you will NOT BE ALONE. Every death is a tragic chapter and through life it is something we will all experience. But when it is so sudden and to the young the pain is more than unbearable.  Nobody can do now bring back the life of your Wife, Husband, Partner Brother, Sister and even a Child.  However the family left behind have to continue even when at times it may seem pointless.

The legal side of things plays an important part following a death due to a road accident.  It may seem like a blur to bereaved families but it has to be done.  The Government have historic legal authority over the body of the deceased, whether we like it or not.


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Government’s Legal Authority Over the Deceased’s Body

At this point a little foot note about the Government’s duty that will investigate the cause of death following a fatal motor accident and undertake an autopsy of the deceased. It will appoint a Coroner (powers similar to a Judge) to make appropriate investigations as to the accident circumstances.  The Coroner’s powers are wide ranging but the overriding duty is to search for facts not who is to blame.  The Coroner will liaise with the police to discover what witnesses have been identified and consider any accident collision reports.  Once the evidence has been collated an  Coroner’s Hearing will take place and witnesses can be examined by the Solicitors and the Coroner.

The family then have to consider the practical side of things, like;

  • Funeral arrangements.
  • Notification of all relatives and friends of the deceased.
  • Burial.
  • Head stone.
  • Financial affairs of the deceased which can be time consuming.
  • Mortgage arrangements.
  • If rented accommodation dealing with the landlord/local authority.
  • Transferring house titled deeds/rent book.
  • Dealing with Probate, Wills, Executors.
  • Life insurance claims.
  • Obtaining multiple copies of the death certificate to write to various third parties.
  • Writing to benefits office.
  • Advising employer.
  • Advising tax man.
  • Writing to the Bank.
  • Liaising with the Police.
  • Liaising with the Coroner.
  • Attending the Coroner’s Court (Inquest).
  • And much more

The list is long but it has to be done. The legal duties are for all to see in the above list and we have not even mentioned at this point instructing a fatal car accident solicitor to help you,  the family and/or friends of the family to start the investigation of the car accident claim.

But due to our experience of dealing with fatal motor accident claims over many years we appreciate the ‘little’ practical legal things, the paper-work, can turn out to be complicated or difficult for you to cope with at this most testing time of your life.  Even though we will help with the main complex legal issues such as the investigation of the cause of death, who is to blame, claiming compensation, we also help you out with the little bits of paper-work for you.  It’s the least we will do to help and part of our professional and complete service to bereaved families.

Professional Solicitors But No Fear or Worry Over Legal Costs

The furthest from a bereaved family’s mind we want to instil is that by instructing a fatal accident claims solicitor they will fear that if the case is lost they will have a large legal bill to pay.  The point is that we can act under a NO WIN, NO FEE, SOLICITOR AGREEMENT, so you have nothing to worry about at all.  A COMPLETE NO WORRY LEGAL SERVICE.

Solicitors can take 25% of your compensation blue

Thus losing will not mean financial ruin.  But what happens if you win compensation?  This is where, once again we are pioneers in the legal field.  Due to a change in the law by the Conservative Government which favoured £Multi-Million Insurance Companies, bereaved families will now have to pay up to 25% of the fatal car accident compensation to their instructing solicitors.  Its unfair, unjust and insulting but due to legal cuts most firms of injury solicitors have to force client’s to pay the fees to survive.


However by bringing a fatal road accident accident compensation claim through us, win or lose the bereaved families may still be able to keep 100% of the compensation. NO DEDUCTION WIN OR LOSE, but please ask for details as this is subject to certain conditions.

Questions To Our Fatal Car Accident Solicitors?

 At this point, you will have many questions unanswered. This is usual and understood by us.     But that is the nature of your work, our advice and culture within the office is to answer all your questions and if they are not ready to hand, to find them for you.

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Grappling with the legal and factual issues is can be daunting but were are here to help.  We said on this fatal road accident page that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that is how we shall end this information page.  You are not.  Every journey begins with a single step.  The first step for you is to make the right choice and call or contact us.  We will talk to you, understand your needs and concerns and embark upon a joint journey together to get to the truth and command the maximum compensation for you and your family.  Money is not everything, that is certainly true, but it helps the family from financial struggle or ruin following a sudden motor accident death.

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