Mobile phone related deaths UK

Mobile phone related deaths UK

Causing death by dangerous driving or death by careless driving whilst using a mobile phone can result, in the former case a jail term of life.

Drivers who cause death by using their mobile phones (it may also apply to using hands-free devices) may still get life.  If the charge is death by careless driving, the jail term may be 14 years.

There were 10,000 reported motorists caught twice behind the wheel over the last 4 years.  Incidents that may give rise to a charge for careless driving or dangerous driving are listed below, but beware, if a momentary lapse of using your mobile (or cell phone) which caused death or serious injury may result in up to life imprisonment.

Fatal road accident claims

Examples that may mobile use giving rise to compensation for death whilst driving a car

Many typical examples are:

  • quick look at who text
  • texting
  • making a call
  • receiving a call
  • checking emails
  • sending emails
  • playing music
  • the list is now endless with smart phones.

Everyone is urged to put their mobile phone in the glove box to prevent temptation and the devastating result of an accident to the driver and to those who may be injured or killed as a result.

Compensation for death by using a mobile phone behind the wheel

Families left devastated by the death of a loved one following a fatal car accident claim will no doubt be pleased to hear of the increase in the sentence.  However this does not match any increase for:

However the compensation levels are available to help families whose lives have been devastated by the loss of a close family member. Contact us now for family help and support via our fatal car accident helpline.

The current penalties for the offence are listed below.

Fatal car accident mobile charges

Mobile phone deaths in the UK behind the wheel

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