Hutcheon Solicitors Work Blog 31.07.08

Brief Summary of a Working Life in the Day of an Injury Solicitor

I started off my Day instructing a medical expert to represent our client in respect of a complex clinical negligence matter.

The expert’s primary focus is to advise on whether the defendant doctor was negligent and caused our client injury and loss. In this case our client was prescribed penicillin of which she was allergic to. This caused our client to suffer from anaphylactic shock. Our client informed the defendant doctor repeatedly that she was allergic to penicillin but it is alleged that this was either ignored by the defendant doctor or there was a communication problem.

On the same case I arranged after the event insurance as we are contemplating issuing court proceedings. This insurance will protect our client from paying the defendant’s legal costs in the unlikely event the claim is lost. This keeps with our philosophy that our clients keep 100% of there compensation.

Late in the evening I received a call from one of my client’s who is of the opinion that he has no culpability in his road traffic accident. In this case our client was pulling out of a side road onto a main road due to a gap in the traffic. The other driver who was on the main road decided to overtake a stationary line of traffic and did not see our client’s vehicle pulling out of a side road, causing the collision. The other driver’s insurance company has made an offer of 80/20 in our client’s favour. However our client does not want to settle for anything other than the opponent being 100% at fault. I have explained to him the legal consequences of accepting and rejecting the offer. My client is now considering his options.

It’s not all law, we had printer problems, my personal printer jammed today, and it took 20 minutes to fix!

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Posted: August 1, 2008 at 11:55 am