Killed by a motorbike and compensation claim

Here is a tragic motorbike fatal accident claim where the motorcyclist his a pedestrian on the road and both were killed.

For confidential reasons certain information has been withheld and some facts changed.

It was late at night and the pedestiran was walking on the road as he was lost.  The reason for this was becasue either side of the road had not foot path.  The foot path was in fact a grass verge on either side.  As it was winter and it had been raining heavily the night before.  Therefore he was probably walking in the road due to the fact that he did not wish to walk in the wet grass.

At motorbike accident solicitors, we say probably as there were no actual witnesses to the fatal bike accident claim as both possible witnessed had died in the accident.

Here are some possible facts of what went on before the bike collission:

  • What appears to have happend is that the motorcyclist had just overtaken a HGV in the dead of night.   The road the cyclist was travelling on was not lit.
  • The motor cyclist appears to be speeding
  • The pedestrian was walking in the middle of the road
  • The speeding cyclist light on the bike was not sufficiently powerful to light up the road ahead of him to see safely
  • The impact of the bike killed the pedestrian
  • The motorcyle rider, came off the bike and died.

The motorcycle accident death claim for compensation is continuing by the dependents of the pedestrian against the motorcyclist.

Posted: September 4, 2014 at 1:26 pm