Lets Celebrate Loved Ones We Have Lost

It’s Good to Talk and Celebrate Lost Loved Ones

It is reported that the Mexicans celebrate the lives of their loved ones by singing, dancing and parading in colourful costumes on the Day of the Dead. The Japanese honour their ancestors by carefully cleaning their graves during the centuries-old festival of Obon.

A movement centered on grief in the UK is urging Britons to break the taboo surrounding discussions about death and participate in Celebration Day, a day dedicated to remembering friends and family. The initiative, which takes place on May 28, aims to encourage reflection and keep the memories of loved ones alive.

Research conducted ahead of this year’s Celebration Day revealed various creative ways in which people remember their departed loved ones, including getting tattoos, running marathons, wearing their favorite football shirts, going on day trips to sentimental locations, cooking family recipes, and even having jewelry made from cremated remains.

The survey found that 77% of respondents believed it was important to celebrate and remember loved ones, with 85% expressing the view that such occasions should be positive rather than upsetting. Additionally, one in five adults expressed the desire to talk more about deceased family and friends, while almost two-thirds felt there were insufficient opportunities to come together and discuss loss.

Celebration Day seeks to promote simple acts of reflection that can create more positive associations with loss. The movement emphasizes the challenge to traditional notions of loss and aims to forge connections by keeping the lives of departed loved ones present.

Julia Samuel, a grief specialist and psychologist, highlighted the importance of discussing death and sharing stories, rituals, and memories of loved ones. She emphasized that having a dedicated day to talk about and remember the deceased helps individuals gain confidence and resilience in carrying their memories forward.

By encouraging open conversations and joyful celebrations with friends or private moments of reflection, Celebration Day aims to bring about a fresh perspective on grief and facilitate a healthier approach to dealing with loss in modern society.

Posted: May 28, 2023 at 8:12 am