Loss of a Child – Fatal Accident & Dependency

The loss of a child due to a fatal accident is a parents nightmare.  Nothing can change time.  As fatal accident solicitors we have to advise the family in such difficult circumstances.

Naturally getting to the truth of what happened, trying to find the answers in impossible situations can be demanding upon the solicitor let alone the grieving parents.  Our duty is to act in the best interest of the family and we will always strive to do our best no matter how difficult the tasks.

Can a Parent Be Dependent Upon A Child – In Law?

The answer is “yes” we are aware that some children care and look after their parents and thus if the child was lost then that will be an obvious dependency for services.  But what if this is not the case, say the child is 16 years old, parents in good health?

Posted: February 20, 2016 at 11:30 am