Medical Evidence found to be dis-honest and misleading in child injury cases.

Doctor who misled the courts has been struck off.

A doctor who was asked to provide medical evidence for the defence in 6 cases involving children, 4 of which children had sadly passed away, was found to have failed in her to duty to provide objective and unbiased evidence. The doctor gave expert evidence that the brain injuries involved were either not consistent with non-accidental injury, or were more likely to have been caused by some other means.

It was heard at her General Medical Council Tribunal that her evidence, which was given in some instances where parents were accused of killing their children, was irresponsible. She put forward theories “insufficiently founded” upon the evidence in the six cases between 2006 and 2010. They found she gave evidence outside her own field of expertise and by misquoting research and literature so that it appeared to support her opinion when it did not.

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In evidence, Dr Squier said she was mostly instructed by the police in her early years as an expert witness, but the pattern changed from 2002 when she received more requests from defence solicitors.

Earlier this month human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith raised concern about the case involving Dr Squier.

He said: “Shaken baby syndrome is not a medical diagnosis to be treated but, almost uniquely, it’s a doctor’s opinion that a crime has been committed.

“I have represented a number of people who have been sentenced to death based on this ‘theory’, although increasingly the evidence suggests that it is unscientific nonsense.

“Justice demands that a doctor who honestly holds views supported by scientific evidence be permitted to give testimony that challenges the hypotheses of others. After all, Galileo Galilei was forbidden from saying that the Earth revolved around the Sun 400 years ago,” he said.


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Posted: March 29, 2016 at 9:09 am