Mother of three killed in fatal fire

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A mother of 3 death was due to a fatal accident.

The woman was working at a wedding when the fatal accident occurred.

She was killed when she was helping her friend who organised firework displays when a firework exploded causing her death.

A male has also died due to the fatal accident.

The mother leaves behind a husband and three children.

The family all heard and seen white smoke coming from the scene. Later in the day they were informed of the fatal accident.

Her bother had also heard the fatal accident though it wasn’t till later after a call he placed the events together in his head.

The woman owned her own plumbing business. She was at the event with a colleague who organised firework displays. Her brother said she had done is before and knew that she worked carefully.

Around 70 guests attended the wedding party and fled the scene of the fatal accident after hearing the explosion.

The scene was evacuated as four fire crews attended the scene.

The fire started around 3:35pm.

There was going to be a big display at the end of the wedding celebration.

The explosion caused a shed to go on fire and also a vehicle damaged.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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Posted: November 5, 2014 at 9:48 am