Motor policies to rise again – fatal accident claims?

Motor policies to rise again – fatal accident claims?

In a surprise move by the Government, the compensation bill for motor insurance companies is due to raise by £6 billion which they claim will add a £60 levy on the  average cost of a motor policy to cover personal injury claims such as fatal accident claims in a road traffic accident or where there are non-fatalities but causing serious or life changing injuries.

Fatal road accident claims

Sceptics to the motor increase

What the motor insurance industry have failed to say is the dramatic change in the law since April 2013 when insurance companies have restricted fatal accidents claims solicitor costs dramatically and making injured victims as a result have to pay up to 25% of their compensation to their own solicitors where it use to be that the insurance company will pay.

Further there is likely to be coming into force shortly further restrictions on who can claim for motor accidents and reduction in injured victims who can claim and seek legal advice.

The insurance industry cannot have it all their own way.  They have to properly compensate victims in fatal accident claims and serious life changing injuries regardless and seek to reduce their dividend to share-holders and profits.

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Posted: April 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm