Mud on the Road Causes Fatal Road Injuries

Mud on the Road Causes Fatal Road Injury

A member of the public reported to the Police that there was mud on the road on the B4014 near Brokenborough, Malmsebury early evening.  The stretch of road is said to be a rural single carriageway.

The Police went to the site where it the said mud on the road was spotted. Some 1 hour later after the telephone call a road traffic accident happened on the same stretch of the road and within 1.5 hours after this road accident, the fatal injury ocurred.

Car Crash - Fatal Accident Injury

A Police officer was already at the scene of the tragic fatal road injury and managed to remove the driver from the car and applied CPR but the driver is said to have died at the scene of the accident.


IPCC Commissioner Rebecca Marsh said: “We have decided that this fatal incident should be investigated independently using our own investigators. The incident occurred on 23 October and was referred to the IPCC on 21 November.

“The police force is investigating how the mud may have been deposited on the road.”

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Posted: March 29, 2016 at 8:37 am