Non Fatal Cycling Accident Claim

Whilst fatal accident solicitors specialise in fatal accident compensation claims this blog has a spin on cycle accidents.

In this non-fatal cycling accident claim, the cyclist in London was sent careering into a lamppost due to a careless motorist not checking his mirror before opening the car door.  The Cyclist naturally had to take evasive action to avoid the collision but ended up cycling into a lamppost.

Not an uncommon non fatal accident cycle claim you may ask.  However the accident was caused outside the Houses of Parliament and the person who opened the car door was no other than Chris Grayling the transport secretary!

The Transport Secretary Mr Grayling replied by saying that the rider was cycling too quickly along the passenger side of the car.

A week prior to the cycling accident he criticised cyclists for being ‘unwilling to obey the road signs’ and ‘bolt through red lights.’

Undertaking by Cyclists

Whilst it appears that there were no serious or life changing injuries to the cyclists nevertheless it could have easily been so different.  Advice from fatal accident claim solicitors is that whilst it is very tempting for cyclists to avoid delays in heavy traffic to undertake stationary or slow moving vehicles it is still nevertheless dangerous to do so and if an accident occurs there is likely to be a heavy allegation of negligence against the cyclists as well as the driver.

Undertaking by cyclists is also considered risky by

However and more importantly the cyclists by their very nature are likely to be injured.  The injuries could be very minor to serious life changing injuries for fatal cycling accident claim.

Posted: January 17, 2017 at 8:57 pm