One dead and two injured after a 3 car crash

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A fatal road traffic accident involving three vehicles left a woman dead and two others injured. The fatal car accident occurred at Harvard Avenue between the Oak Avenue Bridge and the school at 4:30pm. Two men aged 23 and 24 where both seriously injured and where taken to hospital for their injuries. A spoke person said they are in a “fair” condition the next morning.

A 56 year old woman was driving a Honda utility vehicle, when she hit a curb on the off ramp and drove through a bush.

She then hit a Subaru car traveling east bound. The Subaru had a passenger in the back seat when spun out of control before it stopped on it wheels. The back seat passenger in the Subaru sadly died in the fatal accident. The Honda went on to cross section of the road and struck a Nissan sport utility vehicle which was drove by a 40 year old man. The Honda eventually came to rest on the high school parking lot.

The driver on the Honda was also taken to hospital for minor injuries. There was no evidence of her being intoxicated. The driver of the Nissan and her 39 year old passenger were not injured in the crash.

Posted: June 2, 2014 at 8:09 am