Police Man Killed Hit and Run – Sentenced Today

Death By Dangerous Driving – Manslaughter

The well published tragic and untimely death of a police office in Liverpool has been concluded by the sentencing of the person convicted for the killing of the officer.

The man convicted of the officer’s death has been sentenced and found guilty of manslaughter of a policeman by running him over in a stolen truck during a chase.  He was charged with a lesser charge of manslaughter and not murder.

The death by dangerous driving was when he was in a high-speed pursuit when the officer was crouched down on the kerb when he was deploying the anti-speeding device called a “stinger” but the car mounted the pavement and stuck and killed the police officer.

The convicted man is said to be 19 years old and the police officer just 24 years old leaving a widow and 2 young children.

The police officer’s widow, Jen Phillips, cried as she read out her victim impact statement and said:

“I want you to know what you’ve done to me and my daughters

“Tears flow as I cry myself to sleep every night. It’s soul destroying.

“I have to be strong for the sake of my children. How do I do that, when the children cry for their daddy?”

She said she cannot sleep at night and when she does “she dreams of her husband alive”.

Several jurors at Manchester Crown Court were in tears as Ms Phillips finished her statement.

According to the BBC website the convicted assailant also failed to stop in a previous incident, see here: “failed to stop in a previous car crash

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Posted: March 21, 2016 at 5:38 pm