Quad Bike Fatal Accident Crash

Quad Bike Fatal Accident Crash

The Police are looking for important witnsses following quad bike deaths involving another vehicle.  The devestating fatal accident cost of lives of two teenagers aged just 16 years and 18 years and two young adults both aged 20 years.  The rider of the quad bike was due to turn 21 years just 3 days before the fatal accident involving a quad bike.

Three of the four were killed at the scene of the fatal accident and the fourth person died from head injuries in hospital shortly afterwards.

Cause of the quad bike fatal accident

It is claimed in the national press The Daily Mirror, that the tragic fatal accident occurred late at night, the police being called at 12.30 am to report the road accident between a quad bike and a bronze Nissan 350z car.

Two men in the Nissan motor car were arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.  The fatal quad bike accident claim occurred between Upton and Hemsworth, West Yorks on the A6021.

It is reported that the Police believe that the Nissan collied with the rear of the quad bike.

The quad bike accident is also reported in The Times but this paper makes reference to the possibility that the quad bike was unlicensed.

Quad  Bikes – Fatal Accident Claims

The Times article reports that most quad bikes cannot be legally driven on UK roads unless they are licensed as quad bikes do not pass the legal requirements for lights, horn, tyres and speedometer.  Drivers must also have a license to drive the quad bike but helmets, surprisingly are not a legal requirement.

Affected by the Quad Bike Fatal Accident?

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Posted: September 28, 2015 at 10:26 am