Steel Company Fined after Worker Dies

Steel Company Fined after Worker Dies

A steel company has been fined after a worker died when he was struck in the face by a shard from an abrasive disk which exploded from a piece of machinery.

The 27-year-old deceased was working on a casting at his place of work when he was using a high-frequency machine when the disc unfortunately exploded and went straight through his protection materials he was wearing and hit him in the mouth.

The father of three was pronounced dead at the scene and suffered multiple injuries.

After a health and safety examination of the work place, it was found that the company failed to ensure that all machinery was guarded and safe for employee’s to work on/with.

Due to this fatal accident at work, the family of the deceased are able to submit a fatal accident at work claims.

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Posted: May 24, 2015 at 1:40 pm