Reducing Fatal Car Accident Claims

The Department for Transport will take measures to fit speed cameras and warning signs of 50 of the most dangerous A roads in the UK to reduce the number of fatal accident claims and serious injuries on the roads.

It is reported by the DfT that in 2015 there were over 1700 deaths on the roads and over 22,000 people seriously injured.

One of the roads it has planned is for the A32 through Hampshire which has recorded 33 fatal road accident claims and serious injuries.  Also there is a stretch of road that is 12 miles long the A285 through South Downs which has 23 major accidents and was named the UK’s highest risk.

Other roads that include fatal car accident claims and life changing  injuries that have been targeted is the A588 between Lancaster and Blackpool were there were 28 serious car crashes in 2 years.

In addition to speed cameras other road calming methods are being considered by Councils such as anti-skid treatments and rumble strips to slow down cars.

A spokesperson from the RAC welcomed the initiatives advising that the number of fatal road accident claims have come down but at recent times has remained at 1750 over recent years.

Fatal Road Accident in Liverpool

Fatal Road Traffic Accident
Death By Dangerous Driving

In April 2016 it is reported in the Liverpool Echo  that a fatal road traffic accident occurred.  Soon after the tragic accident the in Aigburth Liverpool it revealed a headline that the car involved had been seen ‘bouncing down the road’ immediately following the fatal crash.

The vehicle involved killed a pedestrian.  An eye witnesses said that the driver was seen with his head in his hands as he stood at the side of the road.

It was reported that he was later detailed by the police on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

Information on Death By Dangerous Driving

Such tragedy is devastating to families and loved ones left behind.  The loss is just unthinkable but another heat ache is the sudden ‘death’ of a loved one.  It’s totally unexpected.  Everyone who is affected is in shock and it is difficult to comprehend life going forward.

The tragic events give rise to questions of:

  • Why?
  • Who?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Could it have been avoided?
  • Justice?

Who Can Help Bereaved Families?

The first point of advice will be the police. They have the immediate power to investigate the fatal car accident.  They will have access to the vehicle(s) involved, take forensic data for use in any court case that may arise at a later stage.   Also, of course, the power to prosecute the driver if it is considered the cause was death by dangerous driving.  Specialists fatal accident solicitors like ourselves will also assist families to deal with all the paper-work, obtain information from the Police and the Coroner and deal with any fatal accident compensation.

For more information to bring a claim for death by dangerous driving and obtaining compensation please contact the fatal accident claim solicitors.