Alton Towers Fined £5 Million

Life Changing Injuries

Alton Towers Fined £5 Million

A plea of guilty plea by Alton Towers Theme Park (run by Merlin Entertainments) saved the Company £2.5 million had they failed to admit liability and take the action to court to fight the tragic non-fatal accident claim being made against it.

In a well publicised case in June 2015 several people sustained life changing injuries when the “Smiler” roller coaster crashed into an empty carriage.  The train had 16 passengers and two teenage girls required amputations to their legs.

Fatal Accident Claims


Judge Michael Chambers QC was of the view the tragic collision involving the Smiler at Alton Towers Theme Park in June 2015 resulted in a “catastrophic failure.

The Judge was of the view that:

This was a needless and avoidable accident in which those who were injured were lucky not to be killed,” he said.

Whilst the crash was a foreseeable event the Judge at Court accepted the that Merlin Entertainment had made steps to remedy the problems that led to the crash.

A full assessment of the court hearing and the events leading up to this tragic non-fatal accident claim can be found on the BBC website: Smiler Crash Alton Towers.

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Cycling Accident Claims – Common Factors

Cyclists on UK roads when involved in an accident can result in minor to serious life changing injuries. Tragically there are many road accidents to cyclists that also result in a fatal cycle injury.

According to the charity The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents or ROSPA it is reported that there are:

  • 113 cyclist killed in 2014
  • 3400 cyclists sustaining serious or life changing injuries
  • Over 17,000 minor injuries

Frequent Cycle Accident Claim Types

Statistics have shown from ROSP in the report above that the most common cycle accidents are caused in the following way:

  • Motor vehicles pulling out into the path of a bike rider
  • Motor vehicles cutting across the path of a bike rider.
  • A cycle rider turning right from or into a major or minor road
  • Child riding a bike too fast.
  • A bike rider colliding into the he path of a motor vehicle, off pavement.

Cycle Accident Injuries Claimed

The ROSPA report indicates that the most common injuries are:

  • To legs and arms making a total of 65%.
  • Chest and abdomen injuries (5%).
  • Head Injuries; from minor to serious head injuries, including skull fractures and brain injuries are common accident injuries to cyclists.
  • More than 70% of fatal cycle accident in London suffered from moderate to serious life changing injuries.  Over 80% of cyclists that were killed on UK roads were on out of City location in rural roads.

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Dangerous Driving Leaves Girl Serious Non Fatal Injuries

Dangerous Driving Leaves Girl Serious Non Fatal Injuries

A woman driver was in tears at court when she admitted a charge to dangerous driving which left a girl with serious brain injuries which are thought not to be life threatening.

The admission of dangerous driving was at the Liverpool Crown Court and reported in the Liverpool Echo: dangerous driving – non fatal injuries.


The Jude said:

“As you are fully aware this a very serious matter and I know you will have received advice that the most likely scenario is an immediate term of imprisonment.”

Judge Nicholls told Mallen that having read the case file her guilty plea was “sensible.”

Liverpool Echo: dangerous driving – non fatal injuries.

Speaking after an earlier hearing, the girl’s mother told the Echo her daughter “may never” make a full recovery.

She said: “This has destroyed us as a family. She has life-changing injuries, she has brain damage and ended up needing a tracheotomy. She has scars all over her body, and she had a broken leg which requires further surgery.”

Dangerous Driving Claims

There is no doubt that the consenquences of driving dangerously are likely to have serious consequences to those affected.  It is not just pedestrians who can be seriously injured or killed but also passengers in the vehicle.

Dangerous driving can often lead to serious injuries or life changing injuries but also fatal injury claims.

No matter what the query as specialist solicitors in this area we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Child Sues Mother For Serious Injuries

Fatal accident claim solicitors have issued court proceedings earlier this year to safeguard the well-being of a child who sustained life changing injuries.

It is reported that the fatal road accident happened when the mother lost control of her vehicle and hit a brick wall.  The child was in the back seat.

However there is an allegation to suggest that the the child was not correctly strapped and secured in the “child seat” and therefore may have caused greater harm to the child.

The mother tragically died from brain injuries several days after the tragic fatal road accident.

Fatal road accident

How Can a Child Sue His/Her Mother?

What will happen is that as the fatal crash may have been caused by the mother, the solicitors acting for the child will argue that as it was the mother’s fault, she must pay any compensation to the child.  The compensation is usually paid for by her motor insurer policy, not the other hence the requirement of compulsory motor insurance. This will apply even though she has tragically died in the accident.

The mother’s insurance company will instruct specialist fatal road accident solicitors to investigate the claim for compensation to establish fault and test the claim for a compensation award.

The Child’s solicitors will need a responsible adult to take instructions from.  An adult in law is over 18 years of age.  It will usually be from a parent, but in this case it can be from the child’s father (if available), grandparent, uncle etc who will have the best interests of the child at heart. This person is called a litigation friend. If there is no responsible adult to represent the child the Court of Protection can be appointed.

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