Two dead after helicopter crash

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Investigators are confident they will find out the cause of a fatal helicopter accident that killed two men and left a third man badly burnt. Plans and scenarios have been made to reconstruct the wreckage to try and determine what caused the fatal helicopter accident. A man who was operating a crane was in contact with the pilot on the helicopter and no links have been made with the crane causing the crash.

The wreckage has been moved to a hanger to determine what parts are missing from the helicopter.

A lot of the parts where built in 2003 and where made out of a composite material which means they have been burnt away.

The helicopter was not fitted with a voice recorder or a flight data recorder. The is no time limit on how long it will take to find why the KOMO-TV news helicopter crashed into the pavement and went up in flames.

The crash also set three cars alight and spat burning fuel down the road. Witnesses said they heard noises coming from the helicopter as it set off from a helipad on top of Fisher Plaza after refuelling. It was reported that the helicopter rotated before it crashed. The fatal helicopter crash claim left one man in hospital when the helicopter crashed into his car and caused him serious burns. Two other people were in their cars when the helicopter hit them though fortunately they were uninjured.

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Posted: May 12, 2014 at 8:21 am