Two Maintenance Workers Fatally Killed

Two Maintenance Workers Fatally Killed

The two employees were taking part in maintenance work on a local bridge when a cable attached to a crane, snapped causing the deaths of the two employees at work.

It is believed the cage was released from the crane and crashed into the river, trapping the men under the surface.

According to a third man, who was in the cage with the two men who sadly lost their lives, they were trapped inside the cage under water for a number of minutes before help arrived.

The surviving man managed to free himself whilst under the surface and swam to safety.

They was later freed but had by then sadly lost their life in this “freak” fatal accident at work claims.

It is believed, one of the two men suffered a cardiac arrest before being transported to the hospital.

Emergency services advised they tried to make efforts to resuscitate the two men at the scene and later in hospital, but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Statistics for fatal accidents at work claims:

  • Construction: 44 deaths involved in construction occurred in the past year.
  • Agriculture: 36 deaths in the past year.
  • Manufacturing: 21 deaths.
  • Other: 13 deaths.

Fatal Accident At Work Claims

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Posted: September 10, 2015 at 6:59 pm