recycling company fined £180k following death by a 33-tonne metal barge.

Fatal Work Accident Compensation

A well-known recycling company has been fined over £180k following the death of a worker when he was crushed by a 33-tonne metal barge.

The 59 year-old dedicated worker was working alongside colleagues to cut and dismantle two large steel barges using oxy-acetylene torches.

The death at work claim occurred when the deceased was inside an unsupported structure to cut some supporting braces when it collapsed on him.

It is believed he died at work.

When he was transported to hospital, a further post-mortem took place were it was found he sustained catastrophic crush injuries.

Due to the fatal accident at work that took place, the family of the deceased are entitled to fatal work accident compensation. if fault can be proven against his employers.

The company the deceased was working for has been fined over £180k for serious safety failings.

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Posted: May 9, 2015 at 1:40 pm