What Happens at an Inquest?

An inquest is a formal proceeding. It held in public and there may be witnesses present.

As a witness in an inquest, the coroner will request a statement and may require this to be read out at the inquest. You may also be required to produce a report if it is felt that a statement could prove controversial.

Inquests can either be held with or without a jury, at the coroner’s discretion. However, if the deceased died whilst in custody of legal authorities, a jury must be present at the inquest.

The coroner will explain how the inquest is to be held. Once he has described how the inquest will be held he will then determine who is present and whether any legal representation is present. Evidence is then given. Evidence is either given; on oath by witnesses in person, by statements being read into evidence by the coroner or from reports, plans or other documents with which the coroner has been provided.

If you have received a witness summons to attend you are obliged to attend an inquest. To not attend would be an offence.

Posted: October 20, 2013 at 9:00 am