What To Do in a Road Traffic Accident

Here we are considering a fatal road traffic accident or serious road accident.  The important thing to remember that it is an offence to fail to stop at the scene of a road traffic accident or failure to report the serious or fatal accident that you were involve in.

In serious road accidents or fatal road accidents naturally by the very nature of the injuries sustained it may be impossible to call for help or take any of the steps referred to in this short blog but any passengers or witnesses involved in such matters may be able to help and provide assistance to those injured in the road accident.

Ensure the Scene is Safe

  • If the engine of the vehicles are still running if possible to turn it off.
  • Contact the emergency services immediately, it may require if someone is trapped in a vehicle, all services, Ambulance, Police and Fire may well be required.
  • Obtain details of the other driver’s vehicle such as name, address, contact telephone numbers, insurance details etc.
  • Obtain details of the vehicles involved, make, model, registration number, colour.
  • If anyone has first aid experience to attend to any injured victim if possible.
  • Try to keep calm and reassure anyone injured in the road traffic accident.

Failing to Stop or Report an Accident

Failing to report a serious injury or fatal accident to which you were involved may exposure you to 2 offences.  Both road offences can include a penally between 5 – 10 points and a fine of up to £5,000.  The court has power to disqualify a driver.

Failure to stop or report an accident can risk 6 months imprisonment.

Failure to Provide Insurance Details

If you fail to provide relevant insurance details at the request of another person involve din the accident and or the police, either immediately or if not available within a reasonable period of time, you risk committing an offence and also your insurance company may be able to avoid liability under the policy.

Please remember you only need to report your accident to your insurance company and may have to fill in a form.  However you are not obliged to instruct your insurance company’s odd road traffic accident solicitors.  You have a free right to instruct your own serious accident solicitor or fatal accident solicitors.  Do not feel pressured by your insurance company.

Involved in a Road Traffic Accident?

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Posted: April 13, 2016 at 7:47 am