Wild boar caused fatal road accident

Dependency claims and Fatal Accident Act

The family of a 47 year old driver could entitled to make a fatal car accident compensation claim after he died in a crash with a wild boar.

The wild boar, is is claimed, had wondered on to the carriageway in the darkness. The area has become a concern with the increasing population of animals. Wild boars have caused havoc by damaging playground and football pitches and digging up a cemetery.It may be possible to argue, (but we must stress we do not have the full facts of the case, that the land owner(s) where the wild boar are allowed to roam, may be responsible for the escape of the animal onto public roads and highways.

Fatal car accident  compensation claim

The man was driving his black Seat Ibiza around 7pm when the collision occurred.

A farm that had bred 200 wild boars was two miles away from the crash site, though they advised that the boar did not come from their site.

Following the collision with the Seat the boar was then hit by a white Renault articulated lorry.

It has been said an accident of this kind is quite rare.

An appeal has been made for witnesses.

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Posted: February 15, 2015 at 11:45 am