Woman killed by tree branch

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A child’s birthday party at Kew Gardens ended in disaster after a tree branch fell and killed the mother’s friend. The 31 year old woman was walking through the Royal Botanical gardens when the accident occurred.

In an inquest it is seen as a “fluke” that her friend’s daughter was not hurt as she ran ahead before the tree branch fell. Also the inquest had explained that the weather was heavily raining hours before the fatal accident.

The court heard that tree branches are more likely to drop off suddenly in drastic weather change e.g. long dry spells then heavy rain; this is known as “summer branch drop”.

The Kew Gardens didn’t put a warning sign up as the danger was so minimal.

Both of the women were walking along a main path when one of the women saw a large Cedar of Lebanon branch which was 20ft long and 12 inches thick was falling from 20 yards above.

She screamed “run” and started running though when she looked back she saw her friend lying on the ground with debris from the tree with blood coming from her ears and mouth. The woman suffered severe head injuries, fractures, brain injury and bruising from the tree branch.

She had 45 minutes of cardiac resuscitation before she was pronounced dead at 2:51 p.m.

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Posted: June 29, 2014 at 12:09 pm