Woman suffered fatal burns off lighting a cigarette

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A 34 year old died following a fatal accident when she suffered fatal burns to her body in her flat in Tewkesbury, when she attempted to light a cigarette on the gas cooker. The fatal accident made her clothes ignited when she was by the cooker causing 90% burns to her body.

She was going to meet friends at a local pub before the fatal accident. She was on her why out of her flat which was above a shop when the tragic fatal accident occurred. Her friend was waiting in the pub when she gave her a missed call. She rang her friend back, she asked for help she said “the cooker blew up on my face”.

The friend rushed to her aid though she did not sound distressed and went into the flat as the door was ajar; she saw smoke but claimed that the smoke was not thick. She also stated that there were burnt bits of clothes everywhere.

Her friend then called the police to inform them of the fatal accident.  Firemen turned off the cooker before he left. When the cooker was checked it was seen as safe and there were no leaks. She died 12 hours later in hospital following the fatal accident.

Posted: May 11, 2014 at 8:29 am