Worker Died Due to Pole Falling on Him

Worker Died Due to Pole Falling on Him

The deceased was taking part in work which consisted of him and a few other colleagues to take out emergency repairs to low overhanging cables and replace them with insulated cables.

It is believed the deceased was up a pole when colleagues decided to cut four wires in which was connected to the pole which then made the pole unstable, snap and fall to the ground resulting in the death of the worker.

An investigation took place in which it was confirmed that there was no notice on the pole in which to advise workers of an ‘unstable’ pole and there was no supervisor supervising the work that was being taken place at the time of the accident.

A post-mortem has revealed that the 28-year-old deceased died due to accidental death when a pole he was strapped to fell and crushed him.

Fall from heights at work- Fatal Accident At Work Claims.

Many relate to fatal accident at work claims consist of falling from height at work such as scaffolders, roofers, builders on site climbing ladders or working at height.  There are specific Health & Safety Regulations to protect workers who work above ground level: Work From Height Regulations – clicking on that link will take you to our Work Accident Compensation for Fatal Accidents website.

Fatal Accident At Work Claims Solicitors

Have you lost a loved one due to a fatal accident at work and wondering what you can claim on behalf of the deceased?

We understand that compensation is the last thing you will be thinking about during the emotional loss of losing a loved one, but compensation can help you with any financial difficulties in which may arise. Not only can the family get fatal accident at work compensation, they are able to claim bereavement award and dependency claim which includes funeral expenses, serious loss due to being dependant to the deceased.


Posted: January 18, 2016 at 12:55 pm