Young Driver Died Due to Collision

Young Driver Died Due to Collision

The deceased, 23-years-old was driving along a long stretch of road where he came to a standstill at a set of traffic lights. When the traffic lights turned to “green” the deceased proceeded to set off on his motorcycle when a Ford Fiesta went through a red light and collided with him side on causing fatal injuries.

It is believed the claimant on behalf of the deceased is claiming that the defendant failed to keep a proper look out on the traffic and obstructed the stop signs and is to have believed to be of driving too fast which has resulted in this fatality.

Approximately 20 minutes post-accident the deceased was transported to hospital by air ambulance with a doctor on board which pronounced him deceased at the scene of the fatal motorcycle accident.

The claimant on behalf of the deceased is currently claiming for fatal motorcycle accident compensation on behalf of the deceased’s children who are under the age of 18, which have suffered a significant emotion loss after losing their father.


“What else am I able to claim if I have lost a loved one”

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Here at R James Hutcheon Solicitors we understand that no amount of compensation is going to bring back the love, happiness and joy of your loved one. But we can help you find out the truth on what really happened by liaising with the Police and attending corner court hearings and overall not only support you but claim as much compensation back as possible.

When you lose a loved one, you may find that you get into a lot of financial difficulty due to planning your loved ones funeral. This is where a bereavement award and dependency claim will come into act if the accident is to have been confirmed that the fatal motorcycle accident was the defendant’s fault.

No Win, No Fee, Solicitor

No Win No Fee No Solicitors

As specialist fatal motorcycle accident solicitors, we undertake all work under a No, Win, No Fee basis, so despite the complex legal and factual issues that can arise from an accidental death, you and your family will have no money worries by instructing us.

Posted: February 10, 2016 at 12:00 pm