Car Crash Kills Two

With such devastating consequences a vehicle that was been in pursuit by a police car came off a public road and collided into three young girls a young boy and an adult woman.  The woman and a young boy sadly lost their lives and the girls were in hospital for the injuries they have sustained.

Further details of this tragic accident are found at Daily Mirror – fatal car accident.

It is reported that the car was being pursued by the Police as it was suspected as being stolen in the South London area.

The alleged stolen vehicle was a Ford Focus.  It is said by the Daily Mirror that:

The family of five had reportedly been heading to the park when the black-coloured car careered across a grass verge and hit them.

The Metropolitan Police have advised that a 23 year man has been arrested of causing death by dangerous driving.

Death by Dangerous Driving

Where the police are involved such as in this tragic case, the IPCC [Independent Police Complaints Commission] will undertake an independent investigation into the collision to establish if the police officers should have pursued the vehicle taking into account the seriousness of the offence and the safety to members of the public in continuing to target the offender.

Whatever the merits of the pursuit of the Police, the those affected by the loss of a loved one will be able to seek compensation for fatal car accident against the motor insurance bureau as the driver (bearing in mind the vehicle is stolen) is unlikely to have a valid motor insurance police to cover the consequences of the loss of life, hurt and damage to the family left behind.

Fatal Car Crash – Car Fails to Stop Causing Death

A young girl just 15 years was killed in a tragic road traffic collision.  She was a passenger in a vehicle when it is reported on the BBC website/fatal car crash that the police signalled to the driver of the vehicle to pull over.

The young girl died when the car crashed into a shop after it failed to stop when asked to do so by the Police.

The BBC website reports that

‘Police officers had signalled for the car to pull over before it hit a building.’

A man was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries. A third person is being sought by police.

An eyewitness who saw last night’s car crash has told the BBC a third person escaped the car from the boot and was pursued by the police.

It is thought the car went the wrong way up a one-way street before hitting a bollard and crashing.

Advice for Families Who Lose A Loved One

The death of a child in a fatal road traffic accident is a personal tragedy for all concerned. It is incomprehensible that a child should die before his or her parents but regrettably such incidents are a common occurrence.

As fatal accident solicitors we act for many parents who have lost a child in a fatal road accident.  The child will usually be a passenger in a motor vehicle driven by a young driver (usually a friend) of teenage years or early 20s.

There is often total devastation for all concerned even by the driver who, if he or she survives the fatal road accident which has claimed the life of a friend will often has severe regret and depression.

The fatal accident solicitors are here to help parents and victims of fatal road traffic accidents to help with the investigations of fault and blame and obtain justice.  In addition to claiming back fatal road accident compensation such as funeral expenses, loss of income past, present and future.  We shall also deal with all of the legal paper-work that often arises following such tragic events.

Contact the fatal injury claim solicitors now, no matter how small the query even if you are a concerned friend or family member of someone you know has tragical lost their life in a road accident.

26-year-old died in Fatal Car Crash

Fatal car crash

It is believed the deceased was travelling on a motorway early hours in the morning when his car was dragged under the wheels of a lorry.

The deceased was travelling north on the motorway’s middle lane before crossing into the inside lane when he hit the lorry.

An inquest hearing took place were it was believed the deceased may of fell asleep at the wheel causing this fatal car crash to occur.

It is believed the deceased was pronounced dead at the scene, a post-mortem took place when it showed his skull was fractured due to a fatal accident.

Information to families of the deceased- Fatal car crash.

By instructing the fatal accident claims solicitors you will NOT BE ALONE.  Every death is a tragic chapter and through life it is something we will all experience. But when it is so sudden and to the young the pain can be more than unbearable.  Nobody can now bring back the life of your Wife, Husband, Partner Brother, Sister and even a Child.  However the family left behind have to continue even when at times it may seem pointless.

No Win No Fee No Worry Cycle Solicitors

The legal side of things plays an important part following a death due to a fatal road accident.  It may seem like a blur to bereaved families but it has to be done.  The Government have historic legal authority over the body of the deceased, whether we like it or not.

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