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We Are Not All The Same

As solicitors who specialise fatal accident claims, it is important to note that this area can be complex and demanding. Not all fatal accident solicitors are the same, so be sure you instruct a specialist in this area.

Fatal Acciident Compensation LawWe do appreciate that no matter how much compensation is obtained or how many claims and counter claims are made, it will never go anywhere to replacing the loss of a loved one or the pain and suffering that can only be felt by grief.

The untimely and sudden death of a loved one does dominate the minds of family and friends and conjures up  up all sorts of emotion such as an uncertain future, fears and unbearable pain.

Nobody can really appreciate the depth of your loss but as fatal accident solicitors having dealt with grieving relatives and friends for over 20 years we do appreciate what the family require in order to reduce the burden and providing much needed peace of mind and financial security.

Establish Blame – Get to the Truth of the Cause of Death

Once the family are able and instruct a solicitor we will be hear to help you every step of the way.  The first thing will be to establish responsibility and liability for the unlawful and untimely death of a loved one.  By this we will liaise with the Police and obtain a full report of their investigations.  They are the organisation with authority who are liable to investigate the circumstances of the cause of the fatality and if there have been any activity on behalf of the defendant that could be classes as criminal, the Police can bring charges.

Even if the Police do not make any criminal charges, this does not mean a claim for compensation can be made and blame being attached to the Defendant as the Police have a higher burden of proof to establish than a civil litigation solicitor.  So it is not the end of the world and some justice can still be considered.

Compensation for a Fatal Accident Compensation Claim

We have provided a truly dedicated website to help family members who have lost a loved one to find answers and to seek independent legal advice.  The following links are the most commonly read and we trust you will find them helpful to you but we would encourage you to call us for FREE SUPPORT not matter how small your query or even if you are a family friend just wanting to see if you can help a relative in any way.