Fatal Accident At Work Claims

Compensation for Fatal Accidents at Work

Fatal accident claimsAre you looking to claim compensation for death at work? Statistics show that there are approximately 152 fatal work accidents a year for employees who are carrying out their jobs. Many relate to falling from heights such as scaffolders, roofers and builders on-site climbing ladders or working at height. There are specific Health & Safety Regulations to protect workers who work above ground level.

Employers are under a duty to provide a safe working environment for their employees.  Fatal work accidents are an obvious hazard that employers must safeguard against. All employers must ensure that the place of work is safe for all employees. They must provide any safety equipment, clothing and breathing apparatus to protect employees who are undertaking work that may cause them harm. Working at heights is an obvious danger and employers must provide not only the relevant safety equipment, but also training.

Compensation for Fatal Accidents at Work Statistics

  • Construction: 44 deaths involved in construction occurred in the past year
  • Agriculture: 36 deaths in the past year
  • Manufacturing: 21 deaths
  • Other: 13 deaths

Fatal Accident Claims Compensation Guide

Here at R James Hutcheon solicitors we understand that loss of a loved one can cause pain, grief and suffering and that no amount of compensation can recover this loss. However, the award of compensation for death at work can help with the stress loved ones still having to pay the mortgage and bills such as as funeral costs, loan repayments and general household expenses. A bereavement award can also be awarded to the deceased’s Spouse or Parents.

For your information we have set up a fatal accident compensation guide. Anyone needing any more information please contact us.

Death At Work Compensation Claims

All of the above questions following a the death of a close family member are just a small number of enquirers that you will find answers by contacting us for sympathetic and professional advice.

The family/dependants are entitled to submit a claim to get fatal accident at work compensation on behalf of the deceased if there is blame.

Not only can the family get compensation for death at work, they are able to claim for bereavement award and dependency claim which includes funeral expenses and serious loss due to being dependant to the deceased.

What is a Dependency Claim?

A dependency claim is a claim is for the financial support, usually to the next of kin such as the deceased’s wife, husband and children – Civil Partnerships are also now recognised. When a person dies, if the deceased was had an income, that income would be lost upon death. It is generally the case that the income would be used for the benefit of the spouse/partner and children which results in a continuing loss to the dependents. The dependents are therefore able to claim for this financial loss to support them.

The calculation is usually divided in a certain way unless there is a particular pattern or unusual way the deceased supported his dependents before death. What the deceased would have earned for the rest of his/her life including any future promotions and/or any pension provisions is took in to consideration. As fatal accident at work solicitors we will assesses how much of that money would have been spent on providing for the deceased dependents/family and calculate what the dependency award would be which can amount to a substantial sum.