Fatal Cycle Accident Claims

Cycle accident deaths and serious injuries are unfortunately common on UK roads.  By cycle accidents this includes motorbike riders as when as pedal cyclists.

The number of motor vehicles and lorries on our roads compared to cyclist means that that cycle rider our outnumbered and bullied off our roads.  The UK Government has not spent enough on trying to keep our cyclists safe. The cycle lanes are few and far between, incomplete and ineffective to combat the number of fatal bike accidents and serious injuries on our roads.

Fatal Bike Accident Compensation Advice

Cycle Accident Claims – Case In Point

Just look at this article from the Star illustrating the five most dangerous roads in Sheffield.  The news feature it claims there are more than 800 bike riders injured on the road in Sheffield alone, that is just under 140 per year or 11 pm.

Cyclist Fatal Accident Claims & Serious Injury

Due to the vulnerable nature of cyclists on our roads it is no surprise that when a collision occurs the injuries are serious and tragically prove to be fatal.  We are here to help our fatal bike accident solicitors will help with the investigation into the fatal cycle accident claim and support the family throughout the legal process.

If the cycle accident compensation claim is non-fatal are specialist solicitor will be here to help you take action against the Defendant and claim the maximum compensation for the serious injury claim including compensation for the injuries, any loss of earnings, medical expenses and all other losses directly as a result of the unfortunate accident.  For non-fatal cycle accident claims we have a specialist dedicated website for support and advice.

Chef Killed in Fatal Cyclist Accident

Chef Killed in Fatal Cyclist Accident

It is believed the deceased was cycling to work in a cycle lane which was positioned between two lanes of traffic when he was struck and pulled under the nearside wheels of the lorry.

Witnesses advised that the HGV driver thought he was in the correct lane to turn left when he struck the cyclist when it was later confirmed there was clear road markings indicating to vehicle drivers to carry on straight on over the roundabout.

Emergency services were called to this fatal cyclist accident and confirmed they did try and resuscitate the deceased at the scene of the accident when an air ambulance arrived with a doctor on board who pronounced him deceased.

An inquest took place were it was confirmed the deceased’s cause of death was multiple traumatic injuries due to a road traffic accident incident.

Fatal cyclist accident claims

Here at R James Hutcheon Solicitors we are experts in this area. Cyclists are more frequently involved in road traffic accidents due to their vulnerability and reduced protection compared with motor vehicles and Lorries.  The likelihood of serious life changing injuries or death is far greater if you are a biker or cyclist.  Our expertise in dealing with fatal road accidents to both bikers and cyclists span over 27 years. Certainly, during recent years there has been an increase in cycle fatalities especially in large urban Cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.  Certainly London cycle deaths are on the increase.

Fatal Cycle Accident Death Claims

Cyclists are likely to be killed on a bike than any other means of transport. 80% of cycle accidents claims are as a result of the fault of the motorist or lorry driver. The consequences of fatal road accident are devastating.

Compensation for the family of the deceased

In such a tragic time as a fatal accident, our cycle accident solicitors appreciate that compensation for a fatal cyclist accident is secondary to the grieving process and to find out what happened.


As fatal accident claim solicitors we shall help every step of the way from dealing with the police to coroner and inquest hearings. In the meantime, if the opponent admits fault to the fatal accident claim, we can then arrange for interim compensation payments to help with the bills that do not stop following a fatal accident.

“What are your charges?”

Once you have considered and thought about taking legal advice the next thing to consider is the costs of instructing a solicitor that specialise in fatal cycling road accidents.

You can be assured that the family and or the dependents of the deceased who instruct us will not have to worry about their legal costs as we operate under a No Win No Fee Solicitors for fatal injuries basis.  At least there is one thing less to worry about.

No Win No Fee No Solicitors

Due to a change of the law, if you WIN your claim you may have to pay up to 25% of your compensation to your solicitors. if you instruct us, you have the ability to keep 100% of the fatal accident compensation award. Please contact us for further details.

Cyclist Killed by Lorry

It is believed the deceased was cycling home from his workplace when he collided with a HGV lorry.

The deceased was approaching a roundabout, when unfortunately the delivery goods lorry driver was driving back to his depot, when he stopped at a busy junction and waited to turn left onto a busy motorway, it is believed the HGV driver did not realise he hit the cyclist until he received a telephone call from his boss a few hours post-accident.

The deceased received CPR from an off-duty doctor at the scene of the accident and was taken to hospital by emergency services were he later passed away.

It has been confirmed the deceased died due to blunt trauma to the chest and multiple injuries.


Compensation for cycle deaths

Cyclists are frequently involved in fatal accidents due to their vulnerability and reduced protection compared to motor vehicles and lorries.

Serious life changing injuries or death are far greater if you are a cyclist.

We are highly experienced with over 27 years experience with fatal accident compensation claims.

We understand that compensation following a fatal cyclist accident is often a secondary thought but making a claim helps maintain financial stability and relieve the financial worry and stress that comes with losing a relative.


No Win No Fee No Solicitors

We work on a No Win, No Fee basis so you have nothing to worry about your legal costs.

Due to changes in the law, if you win your claim you may have to pay up to 25% of your compensation to your solicitors.

By instructing the fatal accident compensation claim solicitors, you can, subject to terms keep 100% of your compensation.  To go elsewhere can be very costly.

The question clients should always ask is: “what it will cost me if i Win?”

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