Insurance Companies Profit from Motor Accidents

Motor insurance companies have been accused of ‘profiteering’ when it comes to renewal of motor insurance premiums.  Across all polices for fatal car accident claims and non-fatal accident claims it has been reported that the number of accidents have reduced whilst the premiums have increased.

This is despite the fact that the solicitors costs have been drastically reduced when a claim has been made.  Further the costs that motor insurance companies have to payout have also drastically been reduced meaning that they pay less out overall in compensation to all victims who have been hurt, including fatal car accident claims.

Cost of Motor Accident Claims Increased by £110

Despite the reduction in motor accidents including fatal motor accident claims and the drastic cuts in legal costs insurers have to pay, the average insurance policy has gone up by £110.  Thus the average motor policy is now £781 of comprehensive cover.

It is said that the increase has been due to the Government rise in insurance premium tax and the alleged surge in whiplash injury claims.

One law firm (who acts for large motor insurance companies, Weightmans) is reported to the number of motor accidents including fatal car accident claims have reduced by 7 per cent over the past year.

The numbers are from 876,000 to 816,000. Compensation pay-outs have risen slightly from £2586 in 2015 to £2,673 in 2016 however.

A claimant law firm has stated that the figures show that the motor industry will increase insurance premiums ‘no matter what.’  The cost of insurance premiums bear no resemblance to the number of claims being made.

Drugs The Big Killer in Fatal Road Accident Claims

Sign of the times. In the 70’s and 80’s the problem seemed to be with alcohol-related deaths on the road. However there in the United States, there are more fatal road accidents due to drugs than alcohol.

Why is this relevant I hear you say as this is an American problem?  The answer is short and to the point.  It seems that whatever America does, the UK will follow some 10 years later.  A maker we have to consider no doubt.

Drink and Drugs

In one report where the statistical information has come from, (Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility) advisers that there is a steady increase in drug use amount drivers killed in road traffic accidents.

In 2005 28% of toes tested were found to be under the influence of drugs, but in 2009 this increased to 33%.

35,000 Killed in Crashes

The statistics are shocking and every life lost is a personal tragedy that could have been avoided. Of the drivers who were fatally killed, 57% were tested for drugs and 71% for alcohol.

Over a third were tested positive for drugs.

Combined with those to criminal charges against the offender, the family left behind following the loss of a loved one will want to ensure the justice is achieved by the conviction of the offender and also fatal accident compensation can be obtained to relieve some of the financial stress and worry.

Fatal Road Accident Claims – Statistics

Behind statistic and every death on the road due to a fatal road accident there is a personal tragedy and the consequences are devastating to the family members left behind.

According to the Department of Transport:

  • There were 1,730 people killed in road accident claims to the police.
  • This chilling figure down by 3% of deaths reported in 2014, (1,775).
  • The deaths in 2015 are reported as the second lowest since records began in 2003.
  • There were 45% fewer fatal accident claims compared with 2006.

Non-Fatal Road Accident Claims

In the same report by the Department of Transport there are also statistics for non-fatal road accident claims.  The following is a brief summary:

“Life changing injuries also down by 3% compared to previous year.”

  • Non-fatal road accident claims where people have been involved in serious life changing injuries  have gone down by 3% compared to 2014, a total of just over 22,000.
  • The number of personal injuries in road traffic accident claims are over 186,000 which follows a downward trend by 4% compared with 2014 and again as in fatal road accident claims the second lowest on record.
  • Of the non-fatal road traffic accidents reported to the police in 2015 there were a little over 140,000; of these the ratio of 1,616 for each fatal road accident.

Anyone who has been affected by the untimely death of a loved one involved in a road traffic accident can rest assured that they are not alone. As fatal accident claim solicitors we act for a  number of families that have required help and support to help them with getting to the truth of what happened and claim compensation.  No amount of money will compensate the family but it will help to relieve family financial pressures of paying for a funeral and future bills and can be used for good causes in the name of the loved one who has sadly passed away.

Using Mobile Phone Behind The Wheel

In a BBC Radio 5 programme which obtained a Freedom of Information Request to the Driver and Licensing Vehicle Agency DVLA, it reported that 600 people have been caught driving whilst distracted behind the wheel three times.

One driver apparently was caught 5 times.

These endorsements by the police to drivers distracted are called CU80 endorsements.  These type of endorsements are defined as follows:

CU80Breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, mobile telephone etc3

The penalty carries with it 3 points on a motorist licence.  But in reality it is little deterrent to the daily use of mobile phones at the wheel which we see on our UK roads.

But Causing Death By Dangerous Driving Using Mobile Phone?

Whilst some drivers will get caught and charged with driving a motor vehicle whilst using a mobile phone the only punishment will be 3 points and a fine.  But think about what may or could happen if that momentary lapse of concentration did kill someone on the road.  A charge for causing death by dangerous driving can be made.

The charge of;

CU80 – Breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, mobile telephone etc

Could leads to something much worse:

DD80 – Causing death by dangerous driving-  mobile telephone etc


CD80 – Causing death by careless, or inconsiderate, driving – mobile phone usage

Endorsements and Offences

The information below is taken from the GOV.UK website which sets out the motoring penalty points for various charges in addition to the serious offences listed above.

Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – Mobile phone use

These codes must stay on a driving record for 4 years from the date of the conviction.

CodeOffencePenalty points
DD10Causing serious injury by dangerous driving3 to 11
DD40Dangerous driving3 to 11
DD60Manslaughter or culpable homicide while driving a vehicle3 to 11
DD80Causing death by dangerous driving3 to 11
DD90Furious driving3 to 9

Causing death by Careless Driving

Codes CD80 and CD90 must stay on a driving record for 4 years from the date of the conviction.

CodeOffencePenalty points
CD80Causing death by careless, or inconsiderate, driving3 to 11
CD90Causing death by driving: unlicensed, disqualified or uninsured drivers3 to 11

Family Advice Legal Help Line

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one due to a road traffic accident or they have been seriously injured in a non-fatal road accident we are here to help you every step of the way.

Even if you are a concerned friend of the family affected, we understand that sometimes those most affected find it difficult to speak to a solicitor.  But from our experience the sooner they obtain advice the more we can help them deal with the paper work, the legal complexities that have to be dealt with and obtaining compensation to help with paying the bills.