The Hillsborough Law – Coroners and Inquest Hearings

There is no doubt amongst honest and decent members of the public the admiration of the 96 families who over so many years had to fight for justice, rather than justice fighting for them.


The “Hillsborough law” is for and behalf of those who were unlawfully killed in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster and for any future disasters that may happen. It looks at the past events so we can learn from the mistakes for the future.

The proposals are for Hillsborough Law to adopted in all Inquest Hearing that are held where public authorities, civil servants and officials and others are to be accountable.

More Accountable

The key issues about Hillsborough Law is for public bodies to be more accountable and to provide equality of legal representation for the bereaved families at Inquest hearing before a coroner.  This is to stop the Government having deep legal pockets to represent public officials to bereaved families who may not have the money to obtain legal and expert advice.

It is hoped that the trust and fairness in the justice will help bereaved families in other disasters going forward which can only be a good thing.

We often say, that sometimes the law gets in the way of justice.  We hope that he hard work and hurt following the Hillsborough disaster in not in vain.

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999 and Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims & 999

The Emergency Ambulance service are causing almost 2 deaths per month for failing to get to the accident scene on time and or failures to recognised the severity of the patent’s symptoms.

In a damming acknowledgement by the Coroners in England and Wales it is reported that Coroners have had to notify the ambulance service since 2013 86 times warning them that changes have to be made to avoid possible fatal accident claims.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident


Of the Coroners’ warnings to the Ambulance service 48 of them related to delays in getting to  the patient in a reasonable time.  A former whistle blower said that the volume of reports suggest that:

‘a significant decline in ambulance safety in recent years.’  The whistle blower added ‘action is needed to rectify underfunding, related to workforce and skill mix issues…’

Coroners Duty under Fatal Accident Claims

Under Regulation 28 of the Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013 a Coroner  has a duty to write a report if it appear there is a risk of other deaths occurring in similar circumstances.

An analysis into Regulation 28 reports on deaths by the Chief Coroner had revealed that delays were caused by slow handovers at Accident & Emergency Hospitals which findings were similar to the National Audit Office earlier this year.  Further reading on delays and underfeeding of the ambulance service resulting in possible fatal accident claims please click here: Emergency Paramedics



Inquest and Coroners Court – Help and Advice

As fatal accident claim solicitors were are often asked by bereaved families what happens at an Inquest and what is a Coroner’s court and how does it affect the fatal accident claim?

In short an Inquest is where there is an investigation into the death of a loved one following a fatal accident claim. Inquest are held in many fatal accidents caused by:

The main purpose of an Inquest is to find out the exact cause of death.  In most cases this can be established by the facts of the accident.  In other cases it may be more complex to find out the cause of death or who may be responsible. This is so especially if the death is caused on a building site and there are various contractors who occupy the land and or premises.

The Inquest hearing is a formal court assessment by the judge (The Coroner) who has wide and various powers to call witnesses to give evidence.

In other serious cases especially where corporate manslaughter could be a possibility the Coroner may decide that the hearing should be held before a jury.  This is quite rare as most Coroner Hearings are held by the Judge alone without the help of a jury.

Inquest Are for Fact Finding Not to Blame

The most important thing to remember for bereaved families is that an Inquest held by a Coroner is not to apportion blame for the fatal accident claim.  It is to find out the facts giving rise to the death, how death was caused and if possible for the Coroner to make recommendations to whoever has power or responsible for the death to try to prevent similar fatal accident claims and death happening again.

Further Advice – Coroners Court and Inquest Hearings

Fatal Accident Solicitors Inquest Hearing Support Service

The duty of a Coroner and what happens at an Inquest has, for many, been a mystery. A sudden and unexpected death following a cycle fatal accident claims is a personal tragedy and grief that makes understanding the process that much more difficult. As sympathetic expert inquest and bike fatal accident solicitor will help you through this traumatic event every step of the way. By providing that helps relieve the financial worry and stress of family members who need assistance.

Attending an Inquest/Coroner

Family members & dependents require legal assistance to help explain to them the legal implications of an Inquest hearing/Coroner’s Hearing following a fatal accident as well as providing them with practical advice, for instance, whether a death certificate can be obtained to deal with the estate pending the verdict.

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Viola Beach – Coroner’s Court in Warrington

The tragic deaths of the Band Members of Viola Beach and their Manager was held locally in their home town of Warrington Cheshire. Once the short formalities of the hearing took place the Inquest was adjourned to be heard at a later time.

This is because the Coroner will have insufficient evidence to make any verdict into the cause of the death.  Only once the evidence has been collated by the Swedish Police and other relevant organisations will the Inquest into the Deaths of Viola Beach be heard.

Viola Beach Car Crash

It was reported that the bodies of the band members have been returned to their respective families.

All band members of Viola Beach were killed on the 13 February 2016 whilst they were in Sweden when their hired car departed from a bridge and landed into a canal below.  All men were killed.  There were unfounded rumors that the band may have taken drink or drugs but was later proved wrong when the toxicologist report on the bodies revealed negative findings.

Warrington Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg

The Coroner headed to hear the Inquest of the deaths has been named as Nicholas Rheinberg who officially released the bodies so the burials could take place.  The Swedish Police and the UK Police are said to be in co-operation with each other over the fatal car crash.

Affected by the Fatal Car Crash?

This tragic car crash has been reported by the national press and TV because in one accident, it has took the lives of all the band members who were  young and had promising careers ahead of them.  Such as waste of life and yet the accident circumstances are still unknown.

The unknown facts leaves the bereaved families in limbo and hinders the grieving process.

At the fatal accident claims solicitors we not only helping many families affected by such similar tragic events and difficult times but specialise in fact finding and getting to the truth of what happened by liaising with the police and relevant authorities including, if necessary obtaining specialist expert evidence.  Once the evidence has been obtained to present any case at an Inquest Hearing before the Coroner.  Once the hearing has been held, to continue to support the families to help with all the necessary paper-work and deal with all financial claims for loss and dependency including any bereavement award and funeral expenses.

Every case is tragic.  We will help, just call us for advice and assistance.  We are No Win No Fee Solicitors so you will have not worry problems by instructing experienced qualified solicitors. For the avoidance of doubt we are not representing the families of Viola Beach or the manager’s family and dependents.