26 Year Old Died Colliding with a Central Reservation

26 Year Old Died Colliding with a Central Reservation

It is believed the deceased was travelling along a dual carriage way speeding at more than 100 mph in his Mercedes when it collided with a barrier in the central reservation.

The deceased was travelling with three passengers which was all injured but survived the horror car crash.

The deceased was driving at speed when the car hit the concrete support, it rolled on its side and then on its roof causing it to slide down the road at estimated speeds of between 87mph and 99mph which eventually came to a stop 250 metres from the initial collision with the car on its roof and facing the way it was travelling before the accident.


Witnesses attended the scene and rang emergency services.

The deceased received CPR at the scene of the accident but they was unable to save his life, the other three passengers were transported to hospital.

The coroner concluded this incident was due to an accident in which the 26-year-old sadly lost his life.

The deceased suffered multiple injuries to his head, abdomen, pelvis and limbs and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Fatal Car Accident Compensation Claims

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Nobody can put a cost on the death of a loved one following a fatal road traffic accident, the personal tragedy, pain and suffering is unexplainable.

At R James Hutcheon Solicitors we do understand that compensation is often a secondary thought but making a claim helps maintain financial stability and relieve the financial worry and stress that comes with losing a loved one.

Posted: November 3, 2015 at 1:19 pm